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From a critique of historic and current thinking about depression and mental health through to personal examples of the challenges facing individuals, families and societies in modern life, Depression: The Way I Think, The Way I Feel helps you and your loved ones take practical steps to become more mindful and more self-reliant. Using examples from art, culture, science, religion and personal experience this book not only provides a searing exposé of the modern medical treatment of mental health, but it breaks down well established, and inconsistent truths that may, in fact, do more harm than good. In doing so, Depression: The Way I think, The Way I Feel establishes a series of new truths for you to explore in your personal and spiritual growth.

Alan Watson’s core theory is founded on the need for people to become self-reliant, to have mindfulness: for you to achieve these goals, Depression: The Way I Think, The Way I Feel gives you the tools to help you

Grow spiritually;

Improve your mental health and well-being;

Build your physical fitness;

Understand - and act on – your social responsibility; and,

Realise your economic independence.

In this heartfelt and passionate treatise on what it means - and what it takes - to be happy and content Alan guides you on your journey of discovery. Using real-life examples, vignettes, and personal experience Depression: The Way I Think, The Way I feel asks you to make choices: it asks you to challenge existing thinking on mental health, well-being and mindfulness; it asks you to challenge your own views on how life should be lived and how others should be treated.

The end point is, of course, of your own making; but, through Alan’s words and teachings, you can take solace and succour knowing that he too has taken this journey towards mindfulness and self-reliance. And in sharing his thoughts with simple and practical examples, Depression: The Way I Think, The Way I Feel, will provide you with the nourishment you will need on your spiritual travels.

In a world full of different “truths” Depression: The Way I think, The Way I Feel gives you the space you need for clarity of thought and clarity of purpose – if you’ve ever asked yourself “who do I want to be” or “how can I be the best that I can” this book is for you. Read Depression: The Way I Think, The Way I Feel today, and it will become your companion for many years to come.

Dr James Evans

The Book is Now available on Kindle, Kobo and


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