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Depression: The Way I Think, the Way I Feel.

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Hi. My name is Alan Watson, and I am the author of “Depression: The way I think, the way I feel.”

It has been a privilege and a Joy to have written this book.

I would like to share with you the reason for writing this book.

I suffered from a low period in my life at 17 years of age, which lasted without a break for nearly a year

 Every morning I would wake up and feel I was unable to shake the feeling of being low and cheerless from my life;

until one day I learned a lesson that helped me change. Now of course, that wasn’t it, time moves on as it does,

and other situations in my life caused me to have low periods. Lessons along the way help me to overcome them,

until eventually I am at the state I am at now of being in a condition of self reliance. It was at the age of 17 that I decided, because no doubt feeling “depressed” myself to look more deeply into depression and the theories, treatments etc on it. Eventually a few years ago I decided that I had learned enough to be able to now share my thoughts and feelings to everyone that I could about depression, how to overcome it, and live a content and even jubilant life.

So I offer you the chance to read my book, and If you like it then tell a friend, or even a stranger! Everything I have written is from the heart, and I genuinely want to help the world! I encourage everyone, even if you are not suffering from depression to try the toolkit I provide. I believe I have the answers to Beat depression, and because I know how it feels and to think “Will I ever be happy again?” I ask you to make the choice to read my book; Depression: the way I think the way I feel. I believe I can help, what have you to lose?

That's me with my two girls at Bradgate park. Emma, my Wife is the one taking the photo, as she doesn't care

for being in photos.

Please find below some great products for sale. After reading my Book, You may find you would like to

Purchase some ;). Thank you and enjoy the blurb on the next page.